Best.Onward.Ticket: The solution for travelers with one-way tickets and no fix schedule

Best Onward Ticket

As a long-term traveler without a fix schedule I usually buy one-way tickets. Some countries want you to proof with a return or onward-ticket that you will leave the country before the visa expires. The problem is that I often don’t know when and from where I want to leave a country and buying any plane ticket just to show it and never use it is a waste of money. Or if I would like to leave the country with the bus / boat it is often not possible to buy such a ticket before entering the country.

I met a girl in a hostel and I told her that I need to start planning my trip to the next country because I have to book a ticket out of that country. She recommended Best.Onward.Ticket to me, because she had the same problem a few weeks ago and this website helped her out. First I was a bit skeptical but I gave it a try (better than spending hours on planning) and it solved my problem within a few minutes!

For $12,00 I bought a flight ticket that is valid for 48 hours.

The process is simple: Just fill out the form on, pay with PayPal and you will receive an onward-ticket to your mail-address.

If you want to add a specific destination it costs $4,99 extra and to book the ticket a longer time in advance or for a certain date & time, costs $1 extra. The ticket is real & legal and the company cancels the ticket after 48 hours. If you book the ticket within their working hours, the company promises to deliver the ticket within 30 minutes (I received mine within 10 minutes!).

At the Check-in counter at the airport I was asked for an onward-ticket to be able to board the plane, I showed this ticket and it perfectly worked. Best.Onward.Ticket is an easy solution for a small price that saves you a lot of time.

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